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Here at Web Soup in Granite Bay, we are your local experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Web Design. We specialize in a wide variety of Web Design, Graphic Design, Brand Identity Solutions, Internet Marketing and much more. If you are looking to brand your business, re-brand your website or grow your website through targeted SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Campaigns, Web Soup of Granite Bay is the local company of choice. Our in-house designers and friends over at Front Street Media specialize in responsive website design projects that will make your business stand out in front of the competition online. If you are looking to create an absolutely stunning brand, re-design your existing brand, create breath taking print design and dominate your competition online, reach out to Web Soup.

Our Wide Range of Services



Let us create a performing layout and stunning design for your website. With many years in the graphic design, web design, Ecommerce web design and SEO industry, Web Soup of Granite Bay, has the skills and experience you need to be successful online. When we develop/ design websites, we not only provide breath taking graphics, we also optimize your website from the foundation up.



We are the local experts for Ecommerce web design in Granite Bay. Our custom Ecommerce website development packages can be tailored with WordPress, Magento, Joomla or Drupal. There are literally thousands of options for Ecommerce and our in-house Ecommerce Website Design team in Granite Bay will customize your product layout, featured categories, on-sale items and even customize your newsletter (MailChimp.com or Constant Contact).



From Logos/ Brand Identity solutions to Tri-Fold brochures, presentation folders and business cards, there is no other Graphic Design company in Granite Bay that does it better than Web Soup. As your full service graphic design and printing company in Granite Bay, We Soup will not only design your print elements, we will print and ship them directly to your door. Our extremely talented graphic team can design superior print marketing solutions and graphic design elements for the web as well.



We are ready to work with your team on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to create a marketing campaign that represents your business and brand. With our premium and prove white-hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, we will increase your impressions, CTR (Click Through Rate) and overall CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). By doing this, we not one bring you new business, we keep your current clients coming back with re-targeting campaigns through Google Ad Words and Facebook Marketing.

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Inbound Marketing

If you have heard of Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then you know the importance. Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing are one of the biggest factors of ranking a website in the search engines and we can help. Our team of SEO Experts in Granite Bay will help you create stunning content for your resource pages and more importantly, your blog pages. If you are not using Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Growth Hacking or Conversion Rate Optimization within your marketing efforts, you are bound to fail. With the search engines relying so heavily on content as a ranking signal, it is a must that you are consistently posting in your blog or adding new resource pages each month.



Guest Post Marketing

Going back to the importance of Inbound Marketing, Growth Hacking and Content Marketing for SEO, Guest Posting is crucial for your online success. Millions of websites and local business are being flushed out from the front page of the search engines for very important keywords. The keywords that companies rank and used to rank for were potentially millions of dollars every year in lost company revenue. With guest post services and guest post blog marketing from Web Soup in Granite Bay, you will receive high quality editorial content written by well spoken english majors (not someone from some third word countries). Our web design and SEO company in Granite Bay specializes in creating high quality content for your business that you can rely on every month to increase your rankings. With guest posting services, high quality growth hacking techniques and content curation, you are sure to be one of the few business in the top SERPS (Search Engine Results Page’s).

Link Building for SEO

When it comes to SEO and internet marketing as a whole, you need backlinks. If you are not familiar with what backlinks are, it is when another website on the internet links to your website. There different types of backlinks and they serve their purpose. The two main types of backlinks are rel=”nofollow” and a simple backlink which is considered a “follow” link; however, there is no specific code for a follow link, its just a link. When building backlinks, you want a wide variety and a mix of different backlinks; follow, nofollow, image links, text links, contextual links, editorial links, blog comment links, forum links, etc. With this being said, one to many backlinks in one area can hurt your website and you may drop in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page’s). You don’t want this to happen. Consult with the SEO experts at Web Soup in Granite Bay if you have questions regarding your backlink strategy, we are happy to help.


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Web Soup - Web Design

Web Design

From custom website layouts in Adobe Photoshop to themes and templates in content managements systems, we are experts in web design. There are many CMS (Content Management Systems) to choose from out there and we work on all them; WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento. Lets face it, if your designer is selling you a big commerce or shopify shopping cart, they are rookies. Our programmers know every CMS inside and out and can give you the site of your dreams. Our graphics are obviously second to none and we stop at nothing until you are 100% satisfied with the end result in your Website Design Project. Web Soup offers a wide variety of on-going support as well. If you need something, we will be there for you. All of our website design projects are custom designed from the ground up and then coded into a CMS using PHP, ASP.NET, .NET and as always CSS and HTML. If you are looking for a web design company that really knows what they are doing, reach out to us, we can help.

Graphic Design

Whether you are looking to create a new brand identity, increase your brand awareness or re-design your existing look, we can help. From custom brand identity projects to increasing brand exposure through stunning graphics, Web Soup is your local Graphic Design company of choice in Granite Bay. Our brand identity (Logo Design) projects will have your jaw drop at how stunning the overall appearance and presentation is. Looking to re-design a brand? It is well known in life that companies go through re-branding stages. At this point in the web world, an average company goes through a re-brand about every 5 years and rightfully so. What was cool 5 years ago, just doesn’t work or look good anymore. It might not take much but that extra flare may just spark the interest of those unforgotten prospects you’ve been chasing for years. If you are looking for social media graphics (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc) we can hep, we are pretty amazing at social media graphics.

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Print Graphic Design

print Design

PRINT IS NOT DEAD!!! Phone books are dead but your companies marketing material; stationary, business cards, flyers and brochures are definitely not. Our graphic design solutions span far beyond the typical flimsy business cards you see all over the place (sure, if you want those we can do it). Not only are our designs insanely epic but our print material is also something to be touched in real life to understand. From velvet business cards to shiny gold foil and raised spot gloss, we can design and print just about anything you can imagine. We have designed hundreds of pieces over the years and we feel that we are just getting started. With all the new material print companies are using these days, the options are virtually endless for what you can create. We use many local companies to print on demand as well as some other companies throughout the US. If you are looking for a million pieces, we can do that too. reach out to Web Soup in Granite Bay if you are looking for Print Design Solutions and possibilities that will make you fall in love every time you see them.

Your Marketing Partner

We will cook you up the marketing campaign and website you can only dream of. Our team of Website Designers, Internet Marketers and Graphic Designers have completed hundreds of projects in the Granite Bay, Roseville, Folsom and Greater Sacramento area. We specialize in all aspects of online marketing, SEO, Ecommerce websites and so much more. Give us a call today or fill out our contact form if you have any questions.