Internet Marketing and SEO in El Dorado Hills

Internet Marketing and SEO in El Dorado Hills

Web Soups’ Website Design and Website Development marketing strategies were carefully created so clients could focus on what best suits their unique marketing needs and budget. Most of our strategies, once created, established and tested, are set up to be passed on directly to the client for maintenance and upkeep. This can be time consuming, however, and many of our clients choose to have Web Soup maintain their scheduled marketing tasks.

Our Marketing Maintenance Plans are designed to take into consideration all aspects your marketing needs. Web Soup will in turn provide a quote for a three-, six- or twelve-month marketing retainer which can be paid in even monthly payments.

Marketing Strategies include: SEO/SEM Marketing, Traditional Marketing, Social Media, and EMail Marketing.

SEO Internet Marketing El Dorado Hills, CA

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing is essentially optimizing the aspects of your website that search engines seek. By optimizing your site, it’s in turn recognized by these search engines and eventually brings your ranking higher, or to the top, of these results. This is done by using key words and phrases that pertain to your business or service in each area of your site that will be searched by your prospective customers as well as recognized by the search engines.

Some of the things we do to optimize your site are adding META tags, developing your keywords & phrases, adding your keywords & phrases to page headers, adding keywords & phrases to body text & hyperlinks, assuring site navigation is search engine-friendly, optimize and track site visitation, and submit your url to the top search engines.

Some other SEO Marketing services to consider are Reciprocal Linking (requesting other non-competitive but industry-similar sites to link your site from theirs), URL Submission to the top 10 Key Directories, and download/implement Analytic Software onto your website for continued tracking and analysis.

Traditional Marketing in El Dorado Hills

Promote your website, product or service by using the more traditional marketing mediums! From Custom Graphic Design solutions to a full design studio and printing services, no one will give you the love and support that you deserve from a local multi-media marketing company in El Dorado Hills, CA. Add your website url to your business cards & stationery, create a brochure, postcard or other direct mailer, buy print advertising space, build a promotional press release packet, volunteer for a community event or service, or release an introductory promotion for your business on the internet.

Social Media Marketing El Dorado Hills

Did you know that in 2010 the Pepsi Cola Corporation decided to scrap their Superbowl TV advertising budget – and instead built and utilized a $10,000 Facebook Fan page to reach current and potential customers?

Many large and small businesses have successfully incorporated social media in their marketing strategies to enhance their current customer base and reach potential customers they might not ordinarily reach. Web Soup will create a new social media page for your business or “soup up” your existing one. Social Media Marketing Services range from full-color banners and graphics for your page to promoting and marketing your page to current and potential customers.

Are you just too busy operating your business to keep up with a social media page? Web Soup also offers inexpensive Social Media maintenance plans created to help clients focus on what will best suit their social media marketing needs and budget. Should you choose this option, Web Soup will take in to consideration all aspects of your needs and provide a quote for a three-, six-, or twelve-month retainer agreement which can be paid in even monthly payments.

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