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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Granite Bay

We are ready to work with your team on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to create a marketing campaign that represents your business and brand. With our premium and prove white-hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services in Granite Bay, we will increase your impressions, CTR (Click Through Rate) and overall CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). By doing this, we not one bring you new business, we keep your current clients coming back with re-targeting campaigns through Google Ad Words and Facebook Marketing. Putting together a marketing plan, a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign along with stunning graphics and proven CTA (Calls to Action), you can trust Web Soup of Granite Bay will bring your business to the next level.

We want to give you the tools for your business to succeed and when we’re done, rest assured, your marketing and online pretense moving forward will be in great hands. With our expertly designed responsive websites that fit any device and trusted CRO skills, we will have your lead rate through the roof and your bank account healthy.

We are your local experts in SEO, Inbound Marketing/ Content Marketing, Citations, Guest Posting and Social Media in Granite Bay, CA

If you are looking for an SEO expert in Granite Bay, you have come to the right place at Web Soup! With a background in custom website design, Ecommerce website design and big level Search Engine Optimization projects, Web Soup can rank your business for just about any term you can imagine. We can help you with every aspect of search engine optimization for your website and your business. You will enjoy greater web traffic, greater local brand awareness and ultimately, more business. If you are looking for higher rankings  and better results from your online marketing efforts, the Web Soup Design Studio help you create an effective marketing strategy that is sure to downed out the competition. Let Web Soup of Granite Bay show you what results are possible with a great SEO team on your side!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Basically, this is everything that goes into making sure that you show up on the first page of Google results. Search engines look for specific things in a website, such as how frequently you put up new information, how useful your readers find your content (measured by how long they stay on your site), and what keywords you are using. Search engines have the job of finding relevant results for their readers, and at Web Soup of Granite Bay we know how to convince the search engines that you are the most relevant website out there for your particular topic or keywords.

Inbound Marketing (Content Marketing)

Also known as content marketing, inbound marketing is marketing you do for people who are coming to your page. How does this work? It’s really quite simple when you think of it from a user’s point of view. People are going to search engines to find specific things. They type key words or even complete questions into Google or Bing, and they get a list of results. They look through the titles and featured text for each and click on the one that they think is most pertinent to what they wanted to know.

When you put creative content combined with stunning graphic design on your website and tag it with key words, you have a chance to be one of those pages that readers see when they search for those key words. Therefore you have to make sure that your article has everything it needs to catch your readers’ attention and convince them that you are the most relevant result. You also need to make sure the back end of your content is done correctly so that search engines will see your relevance and put you high in the results.

We can help on both counts. We can get your content high rankings, and we can make sure your content is useful and interesting to your readers so that they will buy, subscribe, share, or do whatever it is you count as conversion.

Citations (Local SEO and Local Backlinks)

Local SEO citations are tags you scatter around the Internet to convince search engines that you are a legitimate business operating in your local area. The idea, basically, is that if search engines see enough references to your business area, your address, and your phone number together, you will show up in local search results.

The importance of local SEO citations is that people often look for particular types of businesses in specific geographical locations. When you are visiting a new city you might type in “Restaurants in Atlanta,” or if you need to repair something on your house you might type in “Hardware stores in Granite Bay.” Whatever your business is, you want to be showing up when people type in your business category and your location.

Guest Posting/ Press Release Marketing

Guest postings are a great way to increase your audience, especially if you market through your blog. When you guest post, you are essentially tapping into another successful blogger’s audience. You write a post and they post it, attributing it to you and including a link to your website. Their followers may come and follow your blog as well, if they liked your post.

Guest posting also benefits the blog host as well. Blogs get better search engine rankings based on how frequently they post. If you have a blog and have a hard time coming up with enough content to post every day or even several times a week, hosting guest bloggers is a great way to keep your search engine rankings high.

Social Media (Facebook Marketing, Twitter, Pinterest, Wanelo, Instagram & More!)

We live in a social media world. You can’t escape it. If you want to be considered relevant, you have to be on social media.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of ways to mess up on social media and really hurt your business. You have to be careful about what you say, you have to be professional and also personable, and you have to know how to win the massive online popularity contest that is Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Succeeding on social media is an art. There are certain times of day you should post, there are certain things you should post about, and there are certain things you should absolutely never say. Unfortunately, it’s a minefield that you can’t just walk around, because your customers also want to be able to interact with you on social media.

Here at Web Soup of Granite Bay , we can help you manage your social media profile for success. We can make sure that you have the right posts up, that say the right things. We can get you followers and maximize the impact of your social media presence. Give us a call today and let us help you succeed!